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New construction
basement foundations

The foundation consists of a footing and a wall below grade. The footing is needed to support the wall.

The size of the footing needed is
determined by the wall size and/or soil conditions. The foundation walls are the
structural basement walls.


Concrete piers are pressed, dense concrete pillars that are solid enough to
maintain a structure level.

These are needed when existing soil is not up to
standards needed to support a foundation.

retaining walls

A retaining wall is a structure that holds or retains the soil behind it.

Retaining walls can be formed at any height, length, and in multiple angles.  For example, retaining walls are used many times for walkout basements or daylight foundations.


Are you adding on to a home? We offer additions, which essentially would be addons that would require footings, foundation walls, and/or retaining walls. 

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Our Process


Email us your plans, with all of the information we need to create an estimate (name, location of project, timeline if you have one)


We will create and email you an itemized estimate for your project.

get to work

If you choose to move forward you and Luke will work together on a schedule for when your project will begin.

Once the job starts, you will work with Luke directly until the project is complete. We will then create an invoice based on the work done at the jobsite and email that directly to the homeowner/builder.

frequently asked questions

Where do you work?

We stay local to the Kansas City area. Most of the work we do is done in Mission Hills, Loch Lloyd, Prairie Village, Fairway, and Leawood. We of course do projects everywhere in the KC area, but these are where we work the most often.

What kind of work do you do?

New construction basement foundations, additions, retaining walls and piers.

Do you do basement repair?


How can I get a bid?

Email us your plans, with all of the information we need to create an estimate (name, location of project, timeline if you have one).  We can not bid a job or give you any pricing unless you send us plans to look at.

When can you start?

A project can’t start right away. Luke and you will work together on a timeline for the project. The timeline has to be worked out between all the contractors involved.  Example: We can’t start until excavation is complete, etc.

“JG Creten is one of the best basement companies in Kansas City. I used them on my own
personal house, and they knocked it out of the park. They were on schedule, easy to work
with, and always focused on a quality product. I would highly recommend Luke and his

– Jesse Dull (Owner of JDG Construction)

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